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5 Essential Things for Children’s Book Illustration

A great saying “A children’s book illustration that does not complete a story, in the end, will only become a false idol. Since we cannot believe in an absent story, we will naturally begin to believe in the picture it -even.”

Here I have listed the 5 essential things for children’s book illustration. So let’s get started.

1. Images representing words:

A picture can say thousands of words. A picture that tells a story is a great approach for young children to teach them new things. These can make books fun, entertaining and help children develop a love for books. It helps children strengthen their critical and visual thinking skills. Young children don’t like to read much, so conveying the importance of books through pictures is a great way.

2. Color choice:

Color is an important aspect of images. It reinforces meaning, improves object recognition, conveys structure, establishes identity, enhances friendliness, communicates mood, expresses metaphors. They show the real things that can be told. Each character has colors and each color represents emotions, so it is mandatory to use the correct color for the correct characters. Colors should reinforce the message and mood of the image.

3. Character Development:

Characters are something children associate directly with themselves. It is therefore important to develop a character that is attractive and reflects the story. The character must feel that he belongs to him. Every aspect of your storytelling should make sense. Creating a believable character is imperative to the success of any children’s book.

4. Illustrate the story:

There is a huge difference between creating an image and telling an illustration. A good illustration brings the story to life. Without the story, the illustration is meaningless. To illustrate a story, the illustrator must read the story and understand it so that he can illustrate the story with full justice.

5. See from the children’s point of view:

You can’t make a successful children’s book illustration if you don’t think from their point of view. Understanding your audience and their needs is necessary to be a good illustrator. Illustrating something that is easy to grasp but effective for children is a must.

You can get the most out of your children’s book illustration by keeping these few essentials in mind and following them so you can draw an illustration well enough to get your points across to the kids.

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