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A Brief History of Pringles and Enchiladas

Pringles is a famous brand of potato and rice flour crisps produced and marketed by Procter and Gamble. While enchilada is a pure corn tortilla wrapped around meat and cheese. It can also be eaten with a topping of spicy chili sauce, onions, cheese, sour cream, beans, or nacho cheese.

Pringles chips come in a foil canister bearing the trademark logo of a cartoon character with a large, bushy mustache. Enchilada can be made with a wide variety of ingredients which can be chicken, steak, fish with a variety of cheeses, beans or vegetables. It is an extremely versatile dish and many find it tasty. The box of Pringles is specially designed because the crisps are quite fragile and cannot be wrapped in a paper or plastic bag for regular crisp packaging.

Potato chips are a fairly recent culinary invention. However, people believe that enchiladas come from the Mayans. The dish was first associated with the Yucatan region of Mexico in pre-Columbian times. Over the following centuries, Mexicans continued to enjoy the enchilada and it can be found in a wide variety of cookbooks dating back to the first Mexican cookbook published in 1831 called El Cocinero Mexicano or The Mexican Chef. On the other hand, new machines and techniques are needed for the production of Pringles. They taste less harsh than regular crisps and market research by P&G suggested that Pringles were much easier to eat.

An American chef George Speck was the first to make crisps in 1853. He had prepared a plate of fries for a restaurant who flipped them and complained that they were too thick and probably the worst fries ever made by a chief. Although Speck decided to teach the restaurant a lesson by making the fries worse, his next attempt to make the fries worse turned out to be a success which thrilled the restaurant and soon the whole restaurant was asking for George’s new fries.

Today, enchilada has won praise from many foodies around the world with the internationalization of food. Most chefs are always eager to seek out the best foods from each culture to share with their friends and customers.

These days, Pringles are known as the favorite potato chip and come in different flavors which include Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, Hot & Spicy, Cheese & Onion, BBQ and more recently Shrimp Cocktail. Pringles is one of the tastiest brands of fries in the world, and we can expect to see the enchilada in our neighborhood served in its many forms.

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