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A unique cookbook – inspired by a rabbit

Ever since Bugs Bunny appeared munching on a crunchy, delicious carrot, we’ve known that bunnies know how to eat healthy. Camelot’s Kitchen, a new cookbook full of innovative and delicious salad recipes inspired by – a rabbit named Camelot. Shoreh Pirnia is the founder and creator of Camelot’s Kitchen and Rane Sevin is a gifted artist who created the illustrations and worked in screenwriting, music and film.

The encounter with Camelot preceded Pirnia’s adventure into the world of creative salads and later the writing of a cookbook about them. Camelot’s life story began quite gloomy. He was sold to a little childish horror at Easter and promptly locked in a hutch and left outside in the garden. For his meals, he was only given “Rabbit Chow”, small ball-shaped dumplings that had no taste or texture.

But, as we know from our hero, Bugs, rabbits are cunning – and after a few weeks of miserable existence in the backyard hutch, Camelot escaped. He barely made it through busy streets, but eventually arrived at a pretty garden where he met the woman who was to turn his life around and write a cookbook called Camelot’s Kitchen based on his favorite dishes.

Camelot taught Shoreh how to prepare innovative salads with the most unusual combination of spices, fruits, nuts and vegetables that transformed simple, tasteless salads into culinary delights. As Camelot dictated her preferences, Shoreh penned Camelot’s Kitchen, one recipe at a time, turning “bunny food” into creations that would win a Top Chef contest.

Camelot’s Kitchen is full of beautiful and incredibly artistic backgrounds and images that make the book a visual sensation as well as a taste sensation. Rane Sevin played a crucial role in bringing Camelot’s Kitchen to life with his artistic creations. Sevin and Pirnia’s joint venture to write a cookbook from a rabbit’s perspective can teach us all how to enjoy healthier eating that doesn’t have to be boring.

Anyone who reads Camelot’s Kitchen can feel the love Shoreh Pirnia has for her little furry bunny friends and see from the recipes in the book that she also has a passion for salads – and a passion for helping others develop healthy eating habits. Shoreh believes the time is right for individuals and families to avoid fast foods and other foods that pollute our systems and shift to a healthy food mindset.

Camelot’s Kitchen is a wonderful vehicle that can be used to inspire children and show them how to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. When kids get excited about healthy eating, parents and other adults will jump on the bandwagon – and who better to lead the revolution than a bunny named Camelot.

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