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Alison’s Journey – Book Review

The dedication of this book is a poetic work in itself. I had a distinct memory of “Sleeping with the Enemy” while reading this book, but this story has some very unique twists. The characters felt very real to me – I live in a small town and that’s how we are!

Here we are shown the psychological cycle of the victim of domestic violence (Alison) and her growing awareness that some things can change for the better, trust can be gained and given, and faith in inner strength can grow.

Like many who have crawled out of hellish conditions, Alison didn’t do it on her own strength, but through a few strong people, giving those who contributed a gesture or a friendship along the way. Yet the most important healing is finding healthy new love and good, strong relationships with others – one of the hardest things for abuse victims to do. If the author’s intention was to use the main character to bring depth and understanding to what people experience in situations like these, then she accomplished that goal admirably!

Readers are shown how being rich, beautiful, and well-educated—having all the advantages one could wish for—cannot lead to happiness. Mr. Bruce Cockburn says it best in one of his songs which says, “Though the chains are gold, they are chains all the same”.

Amey Tippett has accomplished a work of art with this book. I really felt like I was there watching the kids play at festivals and feeling the pain and fear of impending danger, and I endured hellish nightmares with Alison.

It was a fantastic read and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alison’s Journey.”

ISBN: 1413740073
Publisher: Publish America Inc.
Author: Amey Tippet

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