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Biographical Book Review – Todd Beamer 911 Hero

When we all witnessed the events of 9/11 and the tragedy of that day, we saw the worst in humanity, which in turn brought out the best in humanity, the best in us. We have come together in a common cause. Of course, that day many people died, good solid Americans who were just going about their day, going to work, home, work or just enjoying life, and then terror struck.

During this event, several little-known people took it upon themselves to fight back, including Todd Beamer, whom everyone remembers. What if I told you that I know of a book that examined his life before this event and explained exactly what happened during it? Would you be interested? Well, I happened to read his biography, written by his wife, and was literally blown away by this great hero. The book is called:

“Let’s go ride! – Ordinary people, extraordinary courageby Lisa Beamer (wife of 911 hero Todd Beamer) with Ken Abraham; Tyndale Books; Colorado Springs, CO. 2002. ISBN: 0-8423-7418-3.

It’s a wonderful book and it’s amazing how much more there is to the story than we think we know. Everything is revealed in this work, the true story, beyond the media, beyond time. You’ll feel like you know Todd Beamer, as friend, neighbor, family member. This book puts everything into perspective, after such a horrific and senseless event. Every true American should read this book and be grateful that we have so many Todd Beamer types among us. God of speed!

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