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Book Marketing Tip – Writing Reviews

Have you ever been on Amazon browsing reviews, then read a great review and decided to buy the book you’re looking at because of the review? A well-written review can really tip the scales for me when looking to read a book.

As a writer of self-published Christian books, I started writing reviews for every book I read and liked and signed the review with this tagline

With love

your full name

Author of (number) Christian books on Amazon

I found out while I was writing books and talking to people on Facebook who had read my books, that a number of people found my books because of the reviews I wrote.

You’re a writer, and you have books to sell, and as a writer, you’re probably a reader like me, and so what’s stopping you from writing positive reviews. And put a slogan like mine.

You can write a review for a book in Intimacy with God and sign with a label that says

With love

Jan Johnson

Author of 6 Christian books on Amazon including 7 tips for intimacy with Jesus

Did you know that Amazon will allow you to do this? It would be great to be one of the first people to write a full, positive review on Amazon for this book about intimacy with God and have people upvote your review so much that you’re number one or number two. review to be read. a popular author’s page?

Now some rules with notice

I only write reviews for books that I have enjoyed and loved. The least star I write a review for is 3 stars, but most often my reviews are 5 stars and sometimes 4 stars. I will only give a 3 star review if I have something negative to say about a book, but I still want people to read the book. However, there is something in the book that I think readers need to be aware of.

I don’t write two or one star reviews, however, I appreciate other people taking the time to write detailed 1 star reviews, as they often help me buy a book that will leave me to fall.

I also want to let people know how the book made me feel. Many times I will use a phrase to let people know that I am a writer like that phrase.

As a Christian writer, I appreciate this writer’s candor when he talks about his indiscretions as I try to use the same candor in my books, and I like people who are transparent.

This line I just used lets the reader know that the book is transparent and also that I am a transparent writer myself.

As a writer, focus on blessing other writers, and your reviews will be fine.

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