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Book review: Geraldina & the Compass Rose by Geraldine Brown Giombanco

The Captivating Memoirs of Geraldine Brown Giomblanco Geraldina and the compass rose is an inspiring read that inspires self-reflection and action. By telling its story in the most candid way, the book goes beyond a single person and gradually reveals its reflective surface in which the reader’s own psyche is reflected.

The novel closely follows the life of a woman in the major spheres of her life: faith, family, career and love. As the pages turn, Geri deftly tries to balance it all, which proves to be far from an easy task. However, even in the darkest hours, at least one thing remains constant and guides her safely through the trials – a strong devotion that springs from her beloved grandmother. When least expected, but most needed, subtle divine interventions illuminate the right path.

Geri is a great personality who does not hesitate to rely on her intelligence and her instincts to propel her in her career and guide her in her personal affairs. Even so, he is constantly reminded that the path to success is not easy. Quite often she hits the stop button and gathers all her strength to restart hoping for a better result. The final payoff is worth it, as she gets closer and closer to her aspiration. After leafing through a magazine, one image had a great impact on her, and she served as the personification of a successful businesswoman. Striving to become that shining image, it ends up becoming much more. Behind the aesthetics lies a shrewd entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to break the mould.

Beyond the ups and downs, Geri’s career seems to be on an overall upward trend, which is not easily said of her love life. She seems to be a lucky charm to many of her friends by playing a role pairing them with a Mister Right, but she struggles to find the same kind of luck. Geraldine Brown Giomblanco takes us behind the closed curtains and reveals some of her innermost thoughts and actions in a candid and considerate tone. She is not afraid of pain and sorrow or passion and blind love. Trying to balance emotion and rationality in romance is a difficult task, but it relies on both to try to unravel some of the toughest relationships.

Overall, it’s Geraldine Brown Giombblanco’s honesty and courage to uncover her life story that makes the novel so appealing. Whether in the big picture or the finer details, every reader is sure to find a piece of themselves in the pages of the author’s life.

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