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Book review – The Rock of the Kingdom

Title: The Rock of the Kingdom
Written by: Leah Schizas
Related: 242pages
Age: 12 years and over
Editor: Publication of stars
ISBN: 1-932993-08-8 (printed book)
ISBN: 1-932993-09-6 (E-book)
Publication: March 31, 2005
Alexandra Stone, better known as Alex to friends and family, is like any fourteen-year-old wondering what to do on a Friday night to take care of her childcare responsibilities. The life Alex knows so well changes the day she sings a song with her best friend, Sarah, after being hit in the head by a small pink pebble. The song is taken from the book by her English teacher, Mr. Ritchie, and before she knows it, Alex and Sarah are transported to a mystical world with her dog, Butch, and her squirrel pal, Pops.
“I throw glitter, I will cross safely, in your kingdom it will lead, the rock that I possess, bad digress, the queen that I am for you.”
Their life in Greendale Park is gone and they are lit by two moons in the starless night. Trees and talking animals, they find themselves immersed in a mystical adventure where Alex is considered the “enchanted one” of the royal line and must approve “Dread”. Decisions made along the way will test their friendship, trusting your instincts that “things aren’t always what they seem” and family endurance.
Lea Schizas weaves together two parallel worlds with believable ease. The power of “The Rock of Realm” will leave you wanting more. You will route for Alex and Sarah and their counterparts early on. Kudos to Lea Schizas for a well-designed flight through the fantasy world. To learn more about Ms. Schizas, visit her at:

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