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Book reviews: “The Steward” by Christopher Shields

Christopher Shields is an American author. He is a learned man with many degrees to his credit, including a BA in Criminal Justice, an MA in Sociology and a JD in Law. To top it off, he also holds a Ph.D. in public policy. Shields is one of the most skilled fiction writers, which is his first love. He works late into the night to create a world of immortals, secret loves, and a battle between good and evil. Christopher was inspired by the readers – love of the supernatural and, as a result, wrote excellent novels on this theme.

Shields has also written numerous non-fiction books. He specialized in domestic terrorism, which is the subject of his non-fiction books. Shields uses his pen and his imagination to good effect in his novel “The Steward”. This is the first book in a four-part series “The Weald Fae Journals”. Weald Fae is Shields’ vision of a supernatural world that is pure imagination. In his novel “The Steward”, Shields creates a Fae world, filled with magical and supernatural powers. The heroine of the novel, Maggie O’Shea is a fifteen-year-old girl who loves a man named Gavin, who is a very powerful Fae. Shields created a lovely character in Maggie. The girl moves from a place called Boca Raton to a remote forest. Boca Raton is a lovely place with great beaches, while relocating to a secluded forest in the Ozark Mountains. In the forest, she becomes the Steward of the most sacred Fae.

The Fae are a class with supernatural powers. Maggie is ready for any challenge, but two young men cross her life. Both of these men have superpowers. One of them would like nothing better than to destroy Maggie and the world around her, while the second wants to use her powers for good and save humanity. Shields creates a confrontation between the two young men, both endowed with supernatural powers. This has the merit of being an excellent story. The reader cannot help but be captivated. Maggie now has a task to complete as she must fight the forces of evil to save the whole world, including her friends. Shields creates a magical world. His prose is simple and the novel captivating.

The novel will appeal to readers who love fairy tales. Shields has created a magical world and in doing so shows that he has a most fertile mind. The novel has 326 pages of pure entertainment and can be classified as a fantasy saga. In case a reader’s cup of tea is a fantasy world filled with superpowers and the supernatural, this book is sure to grab the reader’s attention. Shields is a resident of northwest Arkansas. He works full time as a professor of criminal justice at the university. He is married and lives with his family and dogs.

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