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Childhood Cancer Children’s Book – Where’s My Hair?

I recently read a children’s book about childhood cancer called Where’s My Hair? The author is Patti Block. She is from the state of Minnesota, located in the United States. The illustrator is Swapan Debnath.

This is a very touching story about two childhood friends one of which deals with childhood cancer life and their cancer treatments. The book is a great social story for those who need a few words of encouragement or to use as a conversation starter.

Although the author wrote this book when her sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, Where’s My Hair? speaks of cancer as a general term. Any family dealing with any type of cancer could use this social story as a resource to help a family through difficult times. Not just the tough early times, but the tough times throughout chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

So many times children’s books are not age appropriate. Where is my hair? is an easy-to-read, very age-appropriate book. The words are written simply so that it is easy for the young child to understand.

The pictures in this book are so colorful. They are so alive. The details in each image jump out at you. You can see the emotions on each character’s faces. Whether hurt, sad, or worried, emotions are there for the reader to relate to; possibly start a discussion about how the child is feeling.

This true-to-life event book would make a great addition to any personal, professional, or public library.

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