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Children’s Book Review – Fire Trucks to the Rescue!

Every little boy wants to grow up and become a firefighter, which is quite interesting, it’s so common that children’s book sellers work very hard to produce books about firefighters and firefighters. These books sell almost as well as small toy fire trucks in stores. If you have little boys, you know this and so you want to fuel their fire and desire from the start to dream and think about their future. So why not buy a children’s book that will do just that?

What if I told you that I have just the perfect book for you in mind. In fact, I have this book in front of me and I can’t believe how well it was received. As a parent, you know what I mean, sometimes they like books, sometimes they don’t; fortunately, this one they did. The name of the book is:

“Firefighters to the rescue” A small guest book from the series of small guest books, by Janet Campbell and illustrated by Courtney Studios, with the appreciation of the Joplin Missouri Fire Department. Published by Western Publishing Company, Inc. 1991. ISBN: 0-307-00306-X.

The story takes you through a normal day in the life of a fire department, then suddenly a huge fire breaks out. Firefighters rush to the scene of a multi-storey structure fire and begin rescuing people, including a family on one of the upper floors. They save the day and then return to the station for dinner, waiting for the next call that might come at any time.

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