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Chocolate Brownies – Five Facts About Brownies You Didn’t Know

Five quick facts below to make your mouth water.

1. The first time the name “brownie” appeared in a cookbook was in the 1896 version of Fannie Meritt Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Cook Book. This brownie referred to tiny cake-like versions, not a real brownie like you’ll find today.

2. It was pretty quiet in the brownie world after that – it took almost 11 years for a real brownie recipe to appear, also in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book, which was the first time a brownie , as we know today, was published . I don’t know if there were any color pictures or if he was referring to using organic or fair trade chocolate, but it was definitely a groundbreaking recipe.

3. One of the most popular stories about the origin of the brownie is told in the Encyclopedia or American Food and Drink, which reports that a housewife in Bangor, Maine, forgot to add some baking powder to his brownie, and so his batch didn’t’ rise properly. Always the impeccable host, she went on and sliced ​​her now-invented brownie and shamelessly served it, laying claim to her new invention.

4. Chocolate brownies are one of the few foods where there is a stark difference in how a brownie should be made. Half the world loves a cake like brownie, while the other half would die without a nice fudge brownie to devour.

5. Personally, I love chocolate fudge brownies way more than the cake versions.

So there you have it, just a few facts about chocolate brownies for you. Now go eat it!

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