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Comics as tools for school?

Although it could be said that we live in a visual society because of technology’s affinity for multimedia, the truth is that humans have always been a visual species. It is a well-known fact that the human brain translates all spoken words and other forms of communication into images in order to “read” them. If an image is already given to the brain, it does not have to go through the rigors of translating it.

Because children try to understand how adults organize information, it can be a very effective educational technique to present pictures to children during the learning process. Presenting new information visually frees a child’s young mind from having to interpret spoken words and other imagery communications inside the brain. In effect, you are giving the child a resource on which to base the organization of information.

One of the most effective forms of visual representation in educational materials has been comics. Not only does the comic provide visuals that are easy to interpret, but it does so in a sequential fashion, also giving the child reading it the notion of continuity. Just as the brain interprets communication as images, it also fills in the blanks between images, creating a sort of “animating” brain to connect relevance between images.

What are short stories for children used for?

Comics help children create stories. That is why the most popular children’s reading books are always supplemented with pictures that tell a story. It’s a great way to introduce children to abstract ideas such as morality.

Moral stories for kids are some of the hardest stories to create, but done right, they can help instill a life of good behavior in that child, ensuring a better life for them.

Children’s stories are also great for teaching information that requires organization such as numbers and language. Many adult books that teach the same thing actually do it the same way!

The advantage of comics for children

If you’re looking for a great way to teach your child the basics of life, you should definitely invest in comic books along with your other children’s short stories. This will help them learn the information faster and ensure that it remains valid for life, giving that child an edge in school and in any future relationships!

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