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Dr. Phil’s Life Strategies – A Book Review

Through his book, Life Methods, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, PhD, will help you craft a winning plan for greatness in any area of ​​your life.

It can and will work for you, if you are willing to get real with yourself and make your turn to true contentment your own. I know this because Life Systems helped me take control of my personal life. Life Methods comprises 304 pages created by Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, PhD, who stars in his hit talk show “Dr. Phil”, was published in New York by Hyperion Books in 1999. It made the best-selling from the Times No. 1 and is still sold today for the general price of $13.95 through the writer and publisher. It could also be found in many bookstores across the country. In this super easy to read book, Dr. Phil gets real with you and tells you you love him, just as he became known for doing on TV. I felt like he was there with me in my home every step of Life Methods. The direct approach used in this work is direct, truthful and never sugar coated.

However, I warn you that it can be difficult to understand at first because it requires you to face problems at each level while being completely honest with yourself. If you are willing to reveal yourself deeply in your own chaos, the benefits of this book and your hard work will be far greater than you anticipated. Through Life Methods, Dr. Phil gives you tasks to complete that will help you along your journey to a fuller life. The missions range from simple to complicated, but none are very unlikely to complete. These missions include a quiz to find out if your life is in a groove or not and an exercise to identify the destructive thoughts and comments that you regularly say allow yourself to believe.

I like to recommend using a spiral notebook as a book for homework, as you will need to refer to it later in the book in order to complete your own personalized life technique. By reading Dr. Phil’s Life Techniques, you will learn “The 10 Laws of Life”. According to the book, these are the lessons, guides, and beliefs you want to fully understand life and properly manage your own life. This book, Life Secrets, has helped me manage my private life, overcome intense fears, understand my own feelings, and develop my own life skills. I just wish you the best of luck on your own journey with Dr. Phil and his life secrets on the path to discovering your life plan.

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