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Harry Potter is low

Nowadays, with the increase in technology, the literature we read does not live up to the standards set years ago. This is for many reasons. Most people cannot easily read elevated language that uses critical theories and devices. Now many more things are published after the invention of the printing press. This led to a drastic wake left behind in great literature. Today, many of the most popular books are born from a simple idea and the author does not need any skill to succeed.

Elaborate descriptions and not intellectual depth were the reason each book in the series was over seven hundred pages long. Children are brought up in a modern age where they practically learn to read from Harry Potter. Another reason Harry Potter was so successful was JK Rowling’s use of religion and naturalness to entice people around the world. The world Rowling created is fictional, but it takes place on the same planet we all live on.

The natural emotions that humans feel were also present. This allowed the reader to relate to the natural settings of a world filled with wizards. They were the people prompted for positive reasons by Harry Potter. Some people had a totally different reading of Harry Potter, that JK Rowling was anti-Christian and trying to brainwash young people. A person would have to read Harry Potter as a non-fiction retelling of the story to believe something so stupid. Clearly that’s not the case, but there have been national reports repeatedly about parents or churches banning their children from reading Harry Potter. Maybe JK Rowling took notice of what Sprat said long before. She knew how to create a logical work for sensitive delights easy for the reader.

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