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How to choose a steamer

Steam cookers are indispensable in a modern kitchen. They help us retain the flavor, color and vitamin content of foods essential to the nutritional value of foods. One way to tell steaming food is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food. There are many popular brands to browse if you need a steamer such as Moulinex, Kenwood, Hinari, Tefal and Morphy Richards and many more.

Steamers cook vegetables, non-vegetarian items like meat and fish and everything without changing the texture of the food. They retain the original flavor of a food and no vital nutrients are lost during cooking. There is no need to add oil in steamed foods, which would be a boon for health conscious people.

They are available in hard plastic and stainless steel in very elegant quality and will match any elegant kitchen.

Things to consider when buying a steamer:

o Check power consumption and cooking time for hard foods.

o Whether good after-sales service is available as well as product warranty.

o Check if spare parts are available in case fragile parts break.

o Pay attention to the steam capacity you need.

o While cooking, always check the water level as different items take different cooking times and follow the user manual for efficient use of the steamer.

Special steamer features include:

1. Programmable timer

2. 1-3 tiers are available to suit all family sizes.

3. They come with other smaller kitchen accessories like bowls and dishes.

Spend your money well on a capable and worthy steamer by taking the time to browse through all the brands and their models. Get the recipe book if available to cook new foods.

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