Book Reviews

How to wrap up a book review

Writing a book review is great, especially if you learn something new from it. But when it comes to wrapping up your book review, how are you going to handle it?

In book reviews, the conclusion is designed to reflect the focus of the rest of the article. The idea is to leave the reader with a clearly articulated and carefully polished final assessment (with the help of quality grammar software) that pulls together all the ideas you’ve presented throughout the exam.

What elements should go into the conclusions of your book reviews?

  1. A rephrasing of the topic sentence. This helps refresh the main focus of your review for the reader and is a more preferable opening sentence for your conclusion, compared to the usual approach of giving space to less important issues, such as the book format and similar details.
  2. A summary of the ideas set out above. Emphasize the primary qualities and materials of the book being reviewed for your summary, rather than arbitrary details (regardless of their importance). This helps summarize your discussion for the reader, setting better context for your final statement.
  3. A memorable and thought-provoking closing sentence that gives your final recommendation. Designed to cement your recommendation to the reader, it allows you to leave a final thought that endorses your overall opinion of the book. You can write it as a declarative sentence or as a question, for more effect. Pay special attention here: the more elegant and impactful it is, the more likely the reader will take your advice into account.

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