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I Grew Up On A Farm is an autobiographical account of the author’s life spent on a working farm in Middletown, New York, in the 1950s. Written by author Alan Lewis and illustrated by artist Bob Fletcher, I Grew on a Farm brings to life the author’s memories of a time shared by this reviewer and sadly lost to many today. I Grew Up on a Farm offers the reader a fascinating insight into farm life as it was experienced by much of America for much of the last century. And it offers a moment of reminiscence for those who like to remember their own past childhood the way writer Lewis captured it.

Written in child-friendly text and richly illustrated, I grew up on a farm takes the reader step by step with the writer as he picks eggs, plays with his dog, gathers produce from the allotment garden to sell. at a roadside stand. The reader is offered an insight into the work and pleasure found on a family farm. We see fishing at the pond, tending to chores and spending the long summer days with family and friends.

I particularly liked the illustrations found in the artwork. Illustrated with black and white photographs supplemented by illustrator Fletcher with color drawings each page is a delight. I Grew on a Farm is a heartfelt story of a time that is rapidly disappearing from our country. Urban sprawl increasingly expanding into areas where family farms once thrived

I took I grew up on the farm to my fourth grade classroom where it became an instant hit. We live in a rural part of Oklahoma, but only one of the students actually lives “in the country”. The children were delighted to listen to the tale and since then they take turns reading the book. We voted for the artwork and our consensus is “the artwork is awesome!”

I grew up on the farm is a book to read for the youngest from 3 to 8 years old. It is read with some help for 8s and 9s and read only for most middle years. The book provides children with a great opportunity to discuss life today versus life a few years ago and to speculate on how life might change in the future.

I enjoy the book as much as my class, happy to recommend it.

I grew up on a farm is a great choice for the home fun library, classroom book shelf, school library stacks, and homeschool reading list.

Genre: 32 pages. First reader/autobiography

Author: . Alan Lewis

Illustrated by Bob Fletcher

Line/Publisher Line/Publisher Moo Press, Inc. PO Box 54
Warwick, NY 10990

ISBN: . 0-9766805-2-1

Available on Amazon: $19.95/CAN$27.95

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