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Libation, a bitter alchemy

Deirdre Heekin wrote the book I wish I had written. I love his book called “Libation, A Bitter Alchemy”. It means to pour, as in an offering. When Deirdre pours me a glass of wine, it’s like a party before the fruit reaches my lips.

I was hooked from the first line. Deirdre’s book is a journey into the heart of an artist, reader, writer, world traveler, perfumer, gardener, cook and winemaker.

I am lucky to have met her. She is beautiful on the inside. Then I tasted his wine. She is as sublime as she is.

Later, I watched her husband, Chef Caleb, prepare the bright green and vibrant organic wild leeks and dandelion greens. Dining at the large wooden table in their cafe in Woodstock, Vermont was like eating at home, only better.

Within minutes, their fresh, home-grown produce is transported from their garden in Barnard, Vermont, to their New England Italian trattoria – osteria pane e salute.

Deirdre and Caleb’s coffee is the true meaning of farm to fork, grape to table. I hope to return for another taste of Caleb’s cooking and another sip of wine – the perfect pairing. I can’t wait to pick grapes from their farm, taste wine and greens in their cafe, and fly to Tuscany, all at the same time.

I didn’t want to leave Woodstock, Vermont. As I boarded my flight from Burlington to Sarasota, Florida, I opened Deidre’s latest book and started reading. Later, I didn’t even notice that we had landed. I had read it, word for word, and started over.

(I want to tell Deirdre that this is one of the best books about travel, wine and LOVE I have ever read).

As a former book reviewer for a national magazine and a literary magazine, I found it easy to discuss the content of books. I can’t describe “Libation” and do it justice. I only invite you to read it and then buy it for anyone you know who shares a passion for bread and wine, beauty, nature and life.

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