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Lucky’s Lady Book Review: Tami Hoag Mystery Romance

Tami Hoag’s book Lucky’s Lady is a bit different from her previous novels, but it’s definitely interesting and takes the reader into a little-explored world: the Louisiana backcountry or the Cajun Bayous! Here is my review of Lucky’s Lady by Tami Hoag.

Main characters:

Serena Sheridan: A successful Charleston psychiatrist returns home to Louisiana

Lucky Doucet: a mysterious and potentially dangerous Cajun who is feared by most

Shelby: Serena’s sister, who never got along with her

Gifford Sheridan: Serena’s grandfather, owner of a large ancestral home that a chemical company is trying to buy

Plot:: When Serena Sheridan returns to her ancestral home for a break from her psychiatric practice in Charleston, South Carolina, she is faced with an unforeseen problem. His grandfather left his home and moved to the Louisiana bayou, where he maintains a cabin for fishing and hunting.

He seems unable to handle the financial issues surrounding his home and business and the prospect of selling it to a large chemical company that wants to build a factory on the property. Of course, his sister wants him to sell, so she can get the money needed to further her husband’s political dreams.

Serena has to venture into the bayou and the only person who can get her there is a sleazy character named Lucky Doucet. Lucky has a bad reputation and no one seems to know much about him except that he lives in the Bayou and is feared by the locals.

Lucky and Serena soon learn to love and respect each other, which turns into an unusual romance. Lucky turns out not to be the dangerous criminal, but rather a protector of the bayou and the people who live there. It wards off poachers and those who want to harm the bayou.

Lucky has his own demons, which he must face, while trying to help Serena convince her father not to sell the property.

I enjoyed the way Tami Hoag describes the bayou and you really feel like you’re on the canoe and crossing the bayou. Lucky’s dialogue is in Cajun French and makes the book authentic and very romantic. There’s even a glossary on the back translating phrases into French, so you know exactly what Lucky is talking about!

Lucky’s Lady is filled with mystery, action, intrigue and lots of romance. I usually read crime and mystery novels, but found this to be a refreshing break with the unusual love story intertwined. I really enjoyed this book and I think most female Tami Hoag fans will love this book.

For the guys there might be a little too much romance, but I personally didn’t mind and I will read this book again in the future. All in all, this 342 page was a very enjoyable page turner and read from cover to cover.

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