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Now is the time for Generation-Next book reviews

Looking for a good book to go with your Sunday morning coffee? Wondering which book to read? We all have our personal tastes – fiction, non-fiction, literature, biographies, and even the latest favorite, manga, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. We seek advice from other readers before starting a new book the same way we seek opinions before buying new gadgets or electronic devices.

Book lovers these days are looking for a comprehensive book verdict with opinions, ratings, suggestions, and comments from experts and other readers. There are many book review websites that offer detailed analysis and rating.

Browsing through New York Times bestsellers on your laptop or desktop is the best way to start your quest for your next read, but why start a laptop when you have mobile technology in your hands? It’s more convenient to use a bigger screen because the simple little steps of navigating websites can get a bit complicated on mobile devices, where you have to open the browser and wait a long time for a review website to load .

Mobile devices are supposed to make our lives easier and faster. there should be the same way to explore the world of books on mobile devices. There’s an app for everything from eBook apps to eBook readers, so why not a book review app? In fact, there are many book review apps on the Apple App Store, but there are hardly any on the Android Market!

There are must-haves in a book review app.

Simple and easy to use interface

Quick sync

Full color schemes and display options

Plenty of options to view, edit, bookmark, and share streams with friends, avid readers, and even strangers

A new addition to the Android Market, the Best Book Reviews app, definitely solves the problem for book lovers. The Best Book Reviews app keeps you up to date with the latest book reviews and news right on your Android smartphone or tablet. Although it is an exhaustive application with lots of options, it has a very simple interface. It’s a refreshing change from most battery-draining RSS feed apps on Android Market.

The use of mobile apps has already overtaken the use of web browsers, as more and more consumers are opting for a faster route for everything, even finding book reviews. Enjoy reading the mobile way.

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