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Prepare the perfect appetizers for your guests every time

Not long ago I noticed a new restaurant had opened in the area and it was a pleasant surprise considering the economy and some of the challenges future employers will have with benefits such as health care. Costs have skyrocketed and it is very difficult to run a business, especially a labor-intensive business like a restaurant. Nevertheless, these young entrepreneurs decided to take the plunge. In this new restaurant, there’s a window overlooking the chef’s area where you can watch them make everything from scratch – even the desserts and starters.

Indeed, I was amazed by the brilliant appetizers the chef was preparing for the guests, and he was preparing a fresh dessert, “wow”, I thought, “I want one.” Yes, I know you can go to the frozen food section and buy processed desserts and appetizers that look very nice and quite tasty. But nothing like a homemade dessert or appetizer. Apparently this chef had gone to culinary school and was an expert in the culinary arts. What also surprised me was that the price on the restaurant menu was rather nominal and very fair.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could make starters and desserts of this quality; a four-star or five-star restaurant? Well, maybe you can, maybe you just need a few pointers and a decent instruction manual; a practical book. If you are looking for such a book, I happen to own one, and although I may not be as good as this chef’s creations, I can make some really great appetizers and desserts for my guests. . The book that I would like to recommend is titled;

“Best Recipes for Appetizers”, a book by Betty Crocker, published by Macmillan General Reference – a Simon and Schuster Macmillan Company, New York, NY, 1989, 93 pages, ISBN: 0-02-861530-1.

In this book, you’ll learn how to make the best cheese dips, spreads, and appetizers. How about seafood appetizers? There is also a chapter on “snacks and treats”. Sometimes appetizers become the first course of a great meal, in this book you will find which ones go with which type of meal and prepare your taste buds for the next course. There’s also a chapter on sweet snacks and the types of desserts I’ve seen this chef make.

You know what, come to think of it, I could do the same thing here at home, not because I’m a great chef, but because I own this book, the one I just recommended to you. There are pictures, an ingredient list, and helpful little tips so you get everything right and flaunt it like it’s a perfect appetizer from a premier restaurant. order. Please consider all of this and think about it.

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