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Recycle pre-read books for children

In the wave to be green, what could be greener than choosing to recycle pre-read children’s books? Really, think about it. Your children have read them cover to cover and are now over them. They moved on to bigger and better chapter books and then huge novels. But somewhere out there is a family that has a very limited budget, a budget that may struggle to afford children’s books. So why not share that literary love with another child, perhaps a child who can’t afford full price.

Pre-read children’s books can provide that wonderful endless adventure that comes with every opening of a book. If your children liked them and benefited from these books, the children of other families will too. Some families may not have the additional resources to provide these same books at new book prices due to budget constraints. Don’t let a child in your community go without their copy of a “Carl the Dog” book just because they can’t buy a new one or even your own child does without. So, before you send those books to the recycler, consider the benefit of sharing or buying pre-read books instead.

It takes a whole community to raise successful children. All families, regardless of budget, can give their children the learning advantage they deserve by choosing to buy pre-read children’s books for them. The lower prices will surprise them. The ability to buy more used books because of these prices will really blow them away. Not to mention the fact that their whole family will learn to shop more economically when shopping.

If everything you’ve read in this article still hasn’t convinced you and your family of the idea of ​​buying used books, how about the fact that this is a “green” choice. Yes, buying reused or recycled goods is being green. If families didn’t choose to buy gently used items, they would end up in… landfills. Shocking, why should this happen; especially when there are families struggling because of the prices of new items? It shouldn’t! So consider that the next time you plan to buy books for your children.

Share the love of learning, share the bonds that come with story time, with another family or with your family; share these pre-read children’s books! In the process, you will also save a tree. There can’t be more win-win than that.

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