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An inspiring new book offers practical advice to revolutionize your eating habits

Susan Teton Campbell has been on quite the journey as she searched for answers to the diet-related health issues plaguing millions of Americans, and now she offers those answers and lots of practical, inspirational advice in the pages of her new book Eating as a Spiritual Practice. : Discover your purpose while nourishing your body, mind and soul. Think of Eating as a spiritual practice as a two-for-one deal. First… Continue Reading
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Marriage advice to my grandson Joel by Peter Davidson

A loving grandfather gives his grandson a glimpse down the wedding rabbit hole. It started as a grandfather's sweet idea to jot down some "words of wisdom" about marriage for his grandson. This list has become a blog. Davidson's whimsical, conversational style quickly attracted an audience. Fans everywhere urged Davidson to put it all together in one book. And here it is - Marriage advice to my grandson, Joel. "How… Continue Reading