Cook book

The Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander

This enormous volume, at 1126 pages, is a comprehensive resource for all Australian cooks. It was first published in 1996, revised in 2004, and contains a wealth of information on ingredients and how they can be used in recipes. It is ideal for someone new to the kitchen for the first time. Alexander has been cooking for a long time and is dedicated to his profession. In the introduction to… Continue Reading
Book Reviews

Desert Medicine by Judy Alexander

Desert Medicine is about a young mother of twins who is going through a divorce and has lost her sense of family. Laurelle refuses to feel sorry for herself or be called a "bitter divorcee," so she volunteers to help an elderly woman with cancer. Laurelle discovered that the older woman, Rhoda, had also lost her sense of family many years ago. Laurelle grows closer to Rhoda, while struggling to… Continue Reading