Book Reviews

Why You Should Write Book Reviews for Other Authors

If you write nonfiction books, you should read nonfiction books. For what? You might ask, and you know I'm going to tell you... If you write non-fiction, you'll want to read in the field you're writing, to make sure your content is fresh, different, and valuable. Don't copy their books. This is NEVER a good idea. But use their books for inspiration, for publishing style, concept delivery, and comparison. Other… Continue Reading
Childrens Books

Best Children’s Book Authors

Jean De Brunhoff / Babar Series This series of children's books originated in France in 1931 and has been hugely successful over the years. Babar is an elephant who ventures far from the jungle when his mother was killed by a hunter. Babar finds himself in Paris and learns about civilization. Upon his return, he is crowned king of an African country and has his own children. The premise of… Continue Reading