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Zuma: From Herd Boy to President

Title of the book: Zuma, a biography Author: Jeremy Gordin Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers Zuma, a biography is an intriguing story of an uneducated herd boy who became President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Gedley'hlekisa Zuma, (2009 to present). He is the third democratically elected president of South Africa after international icon Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Both Mandela and Mbeki were presidents educated in top educational institutions,… Continue Reading
Childrens Books

Little Boy Gan, by: Lisa McDonald – Book Review

"The Beginning" is how Lisa McDonald ends her book, a technique that completely captured my thoughts by surprise and echoed the lessons of her story in my mind. Little Boy Gan by Passion-Filled Everland is a creative collaboration of indelible imagery with a timeless story resulting in a delightful literary asset for any collection or personal library. Perfect for reading at bedtime to a child, or for anyone to take… Continue Reading