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Review of the book “Dreams of my father”

"Dreams From My Father" is a moving story about President Obama's early years. It focuses on the breed and its heritage. It is the journey of a young man who seeks to discover himself in his roots. Along the way, there are friends and challenges to spur him on. "Dreams From My Father" is an elegant and compelling read. Composed in 1996, Barak Obama reveals his roots, his discoveries and… Continue Reading
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Title – Wet Dreams – Author – Douglas Danielson – Book Reviews

Untie the moorings, cast off and climb aboard Douglas Danielson's book, 'Wet Dreams', also the name of a posh 70ft Hatteras yacht adorned with girls and booze, partying just offshore Los Angeles on Catalina Island. The reader's journey will take one on the turbulent waters of a young woman missing her "dirty rich" daddy, as Jake Mortensen and Buddy Wright seek to find the answers to the questions of her… Continue Reading