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Tips for Family Recipe Scrapbooks

It's reunion time again here in the United States and Canada. I can already taste my mother's peach pie. I can't tell you how many times I called my mom and said, "Mom, I just need your recipe for homemade pie and ice cream." It's been a slow build up of recipes over the years, but she gives in every time I ask her for yet another recipe. Many of… Continue Reading
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New book reveals the effects of an entrepreneur’s family member on successive generations

Brenda Cook's new book, The Entrepreneur's Family: Seeking Balance, Recovery, and Growth, is a groundbreaking look at how an entrepreneur's passion and drive can have both positive and negative effects on a family. Cook reveals that while the media praises entrepreneurship and the belief that the entrepreneur can have it all, both wealth and free time, thereby benefiting their family, this belief is often a myth or dub. less distorted.… Continue Reading
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Nile Rodgers’ Le Freak – Disco, Drugs, and Destiny – Memoir Book Review – We Are Family Reinvented

Chances are you've heard Sister Sledge's classic Pop and R&B track "We Are Family" on the radio, at a wedding reception, or remembered it as the anthem of the 1979 World Series champion, Pittsburgh Pirates. The song was written by musicians Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, co-founders of late '70s R&B/disco group Chic. While disco eventually died, Nile Rodgers' musical talents still permeate the music scene today and his accomplishments… Continue Reading
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American Test Kitchen Recipes – The American Test Kitchen Family Cookbook Every Home Should Have

My Favorite Family Cookbook has American Test Kitchen recipes that are easy to follow and always produce a delicious family meal at home. This article gives you a quick overview of why this cookbook belongs in your home kitchen, and it will also help you find more information about the book and its authors. Good old-fashioned "home cooking" is a growing trend. From the brand new home chef to the… Continue Reading