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Herman of Herm Island

I was at the Stamford Arts Festival in February and among the usual bookshelves, boxes and piles of books at the literary exhibition, a stand caught my eye. It was adorned with an enticing display of pebbles and shells, and caught the fingers of the little people who passed by. Stones, shells and pieces of seaweed were arranged in patterns that evoked games, games that one could invent or develop… Continue Reading
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“The Psychological Immune System” by Herman Kagan: book reviews

The psychological immune system by Herman Kagan AuthorHouse (2006) ISBN 1420890050 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (8/06) "The Psychological Immune System" was written to educate us on how the psychological immune system relates to the biological immune system. The author takes his theories beyond the functioning system of the individual and applies it to larger groups and organizations. Dr. Kagan has done extensive research on this topic and… Continue Reading