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History of French cuisine – 4 golden phases

Enlisting such unforgettable and unparalleled chefs of all time as Carême, Bocuse, Escoffier, La Varenne, Fernand Point and Taillevent, French cuisine is considered the foundation of all basic forms of Western cuisine. French cuisine is as old as the days when meals were just beginning to become a time of family pleasure. From being just another meal, 15th century French cuisine created a new wave in Renaissance Europe. It was… Continue Reading
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The history of the culinary arts

Cooking was once considered a hobby or a chore. Until now, it is considered a highly skilled line of work within a multi-billion industry. Culinary arts students come with different levels of skills and knowledge, but they all share one thing and that is a passion for cooking. You'll never go any further and study culinary arts if you don't have an interest in cooking in the first place, will… Continue Reading
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Traditional Taekwondo – Basic Techniques, History and Philosophy by Doug Cook

"Traditional Taekwondo: Core Techniques, History, and Philosophy" by Doug Cook is a book every taekwondo practitioner will want on their bookshelf. It is also a book that will appeal to other Korean martial artists and even those who do not practice Korean arts but would like to learn more about the "foot, hand, way" of the land of the morning calm. The book is divided into three parts, the first… Continue Reading
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A Brief History of Pringles and Enchiladas

Pringles is a famous brand of potato and rice flour crisps produced and marketed by Procter and Gamble. While enchilada is a pure corn tortilla wrapped around meat and cheese. It can also be eaten with a topping of spicy chili sauce, onions, cheese, sour cream, beans, or nacho cheese. Pringles chips come in a foil canister bearing the trademark logo of a cartoon character with a large, bushy mustache.… Continue Reading
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New children’s book teaches friendship while educating about history and animals

Clark the mountain beaver has spent his life quietly living in his burrow. He has been shy and usually only ventures out at night, but one day he decides he will have an adventure and leave his burrow during the day when most of the other creatures are around. What follows in Karen Shea's new book, Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure, is page after page of beautiful… Continue Reading