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Book Review – Rufus Finds a Home

Rufus finds a home By: Theodore Jerome Cohen Publisher: TJC Press Release date: January 2017 ISBN: 978-1542691697 Rufus is a beautiful golden retriever who lives with Charlie, a wonderful and caring man. Charlie loves his dog but the man is getting old and can no longer take care of Rufus. What will happen to this special dog? Rufus is full of energy and wants to play. He loves chasing sticks,… Continue Reading
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American Test Kitchen Recipes – The American Test Kitchen Family Cookbook Every Home Should Have

My Favorite Family Cookbook has American Test Kitchen recipes that are easy to follow and always produce a delicious family meal at home. This article gives you a quick overview of why this cookbook belongs in your home kitchen, and it will also help you find more information about the book and its authors. Good old-fashioned "home cooking" is a growing trend. From the brand new home chef to the… Continue Reading
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Healthy and easy Chinese cooking at home

500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes is exactly what it claims to be - a guide to making great Chinese food that isn't dripping with fat. Chef Nicholas Zhou is the author of the book, and has over 40 years of cooking experience and is now sharing his secrets with you. What you get when you order over 500 healthy Chinese recipes is a huge amount of knowledge from Zhou. You will… Continue Reading