Childrens Books

Herman of Herm Island

I was at the Stamford Arts Festival in February and among the usual bookshelves, boxes and piles of books at the literary exhibition, a stand caught my eye. It was adorned with an enticing display of pebbles and shells, and caught the fingers of the little people who passed by. Stones, shells and pieces of seaweed were arranged in patterns that evoked games, games that one could invent or develop… Continue Reading
Cook book

The Food of Sri Lanka – Authentic Gem Island Recipes – A Book Review

Sri Lanka has a lot of secrets to uncover and the secret that most people are interested in is the assorted Sri Lankan recipes that they would love to get their hands on. The book titled: The Food of Sri Lanka: Authentic Recipes from the Isle of Gems is one of the few books available from bookstores and online book publishers that is a must read for cooks interested in… Continue Reading