Childrens Books

Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas by John R. Brooks: book review

Bobby Bright's Best Christmas by John R. Brooks Old Farm Press (2006) ISBN 9780978822705 Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (11/06) This adorable story begins in a Christmas light bulb factory where a strand of lights is shocked with an electrical charge and one of the bulbs, named Bobby, is imbued with magical powers. The string of lights is purchased by Mr. and Mrs. McGillicuddy and over the next… Continue Reading
Cook book

An examination of debt to pleasure by John Lanchester

One of my greatest pleasures is to eat, so I have to cook. I savor, therefore I cook. I love flavorful dishes made with fresh ingredients that cater to our four tastes - salty, sour, sweet and bitter - to create a complementary whole. Of course, there is now the fifth taste, unami, the expanding universe of soy sauce, which can amplify other inputs. I have just made an English… Continue Reading