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Alison’s Journey – Book Review

The dedication of this book is a poetic work in itself. I had a distinct memory of "Sleeping with the Enemy" while reading this book, but this story has some very unique twists. The characters felt very real to me - I live in a small town and that's how we are! Here we are shown the psychological cycle of the victim of domestic violence (Alison) and her growing awareness… Continue Reading
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New book chronicles a mother’s journey of love and loss

Patricia Fitzmaurice's new book, The Blue Camaro, is a memoir about the upbringing, love, and ultimately loss of her son. In 2013, his son John Fitzmaurice, Jr. committed suicide. Now eighty-seven, Patricia is keeping her promise to her son to tell his story so others can understand what it is like to lose a child to suicide and what it was like. his journey that led him to this decision.… Continue Reading