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Saptaparni – Kids Activities in Hyderabad

What you see A sense of calm prevails here, a center for cultural activities and a children's bookstore. There is open space and greenery all around and just outside the entrance is a thriving periwinkle in full bloom. Pleasant and helpful staff behind a reception desk covered in leaflets, brochures and magazines welcome you inside. Across the walls, billboards announce the various workshops they organize. Further inside is a large… Continue Reading
Childrens Books

A Head Start for Kids – Educational Benefits of Reading for Kids

One of the most important skills your child can learn is reading. Besides counting, it is probably the first intellectual skill addressed in school systems. However, it is beneficial for your children to give them a head start so that they already start reading as soon as they enter school. What advantages do children have when they start reading before entering school, and how far should you go to teach… Continue Reading
Childrens Books

How to write a book that kids will love — and kids’ book publishers will love too

I recently opened my email to find this message: "Can I get published as a children's book author if I'm not a good writer?" I was surprised at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the question. The sender knows his limits, but still dreams of being published. She doesn't suffer from the illusion that she's the next Dr. Seuss, and I admire that. She… Continue Reading
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Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course – Book Review

Teaching a child to play the guitar presents a different challenge for any guitar teacher. Often, a guitar teacher will have to find some kind of method suitable for their young student. A good guitar method book specifically designed for children will certainly be of great help in this situation, and one book in particular is "Alfred's Guitar Lessons for Kids"so let's see what this book has to offer. The… Continue Reading