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How to write a book that kids will love — and kids’ book publishers will love too

I recently opened my email to find this message: "Can I get published as a children's book author if I'm not a good writer?" I was surprised at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the question. The sender knows his limits, but still dreams of being published. She doesn't suffer from the illusion that she's the next Dr. Seuss, and I admire that. She… Continue Reading
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Trauma Shame and the Power of Love Book Review by Christopher E. Pelloski MD

Although child sexual abuse and pornography is nothing new in this society, whenever it is discovered and reported, there is such a knee-jerk reaction of anger, disgust and mistrust that ensues that it becomes difficult to see the many facets of the whole truth about the situation, as was the case with Christopher E. Pelloski MD In his book, Trauma, Shame and the Power of Love, which is a biographical… Continue Reading
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New book chronicles a mother’s journey of love and loss

Patricia Fitzmaurice's new book, The Blue Camaro, is a memoir about the upbringing, love, and ultimately loss of her son. In 2013, his son John Fitzmaurice, Jr. committed suicide. Now eighty-seven, Patricia is keeping her promise to her son to tell his story so others can understand what it is like to lose a child to suicide and what it was like. his journey that led him to this decision.… Continue Reading