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Lucky’s Higher Power – Book Review

The Higher Power of Lucky is the 2007 Newbery Medal winner by award-winning author, Susan Patron. Lucky Trimble is ten years old and lives in the desert town of Hard Pan. CA (pop 43) with his dog, HMS Beagle and his French sitter, Brigitte. Lucky spends her free time listening to twelve-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Smokers Anonymous where she discovers a higher power that helps people when they… Continue Reading
Biographies Book

Trauma Shame and the Power of Love Book Review by Christopher E. Pelloski MD

Although child sexual abuse and pornography is nothing new in this society, whenever it is discovered and reported, there is such a knee-jerk reaction of anger, disgust and mistrust that ensues that it becomes difficult to see the many facets of the whole truth about the situation, as was the case with Christopher E. Pelloski MD In his book, Trauma, Shame and the Power of Love, which is a biographical… Continue Reading