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The Pagan Author, Rod Nave – Book Reviews

What begins as a search and rescue effort becomes a search and destroy struggle for survival in this remarkably creative dark adventure novel, The Pagan written by Rod Nave. When a team of young volunteers charter a plane from Miami to Haiti to help victims of the recent 2010 earthquake, they unknowingly embark on an adventure of satanic proportions. Transported like helpless pawns in a past pact with the devil,… Continue Reading
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I grew up on a farm – Molly’s Reviews

The article I Grew Up On A Farm is an autobiographical account of the author's life spent on a working farm in Middletown, New York, in the 1950s. Written by author Alan Lewis and illustrated by artist Bob Fletcher, I Grew on a Farm brings to life the author's memories of a time shared by this reviewer and sadly lost to many today. I Grew Up on a Farm offers… Continue Reading
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Now is the time for Generation-Next book reviews

Looking for a good book to go with your Sunday morning coffee? Wondering which book to read? We all have our personal tastes - fiction, non-fiction, literature, biographies, and even the latest favorite, manga, but you can't judge a book by its cover. We seek advice from other readers before starting a new book the same way we seek opinions before buying new gadgets or electronic devices. Book lovers these… Continue Reading
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Using Book Reviews to Find the Best Online Jobs

Best place to sell used books How unwanted used books became big business It's a safe bet that used books would have been at the bottom of your list. Booksonmove had filled the gap in the market for new and old books. With e-books mooted in the near future, second-hand bookstores closing and charity shops often refusing to take books, the outlook for the trade was bleak. Books could be… Continue Reading
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“The Psychological Immune System” by Herman Kagan: book reviews

The psychological immune system by Herman Kagan AuthorHouse (2006) ISBN 1420890050 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (8/06) "The Psychological Immune System" was written to educate us on how the psychological immune system relates to the biological immune system. The author takes his theories beyond the functioning system of the individual and applies it to larger groups and organizations. Dr. Kagan has done extensive research on this topic and… Continue Reading
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Book reviews: “The Steward” by Christopher Shields

Christopher Shields is an American author. He is a learned man with many degrees to his credit, including a BA in Criminal Justice, an MA in Sociology and a JD in Law. To top it off, he also holds a Ph.D. in public policy. Shields is one of the most skilled fiction writers, which is his first love. He works late into the night to create a world of immortals,… Continue Reading
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Coin Book Reviews – A Guide to Morgan Silver Dollars by Q David Powers

The 2nd edition of "A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, A complete History and Price Guide" was released in paperback form on March 31, 2005. The first chapter discussed the lure and challenges of collecting Morgan Dollars and some tidbits about the history of the Morgan Dollar. While only 5 and 1/2 pages long, the first chapter is filled with interesting facts. When you enter chapter two, the book… Continue Reading
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Title – Wet Dreams – Author – Douglas Danielson – Book Reviews

Untie the moorings, cast off and climb aboard Douglas Danielson's book, 'Wet Dreams', also the name of a posh 70ft Hatteras yacht adorned with girls and booze, partying just offshore Los Angeles on Catalina Island. The reader's journey will take one on the turbulent waters of a young woman missing her "dirty rich" daddy, as Jake Mortensen and Buddy Wright seek to find the answers to the questions of her… Continue Reading
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Book Marketing Tip – Writing Reviews

Have you ever been on Amazon browsing reviews, then read a great review and decided to buy the book you're looking at because of the review? A well-written review can really tip the scales for me when looking to read a book. As a writer of self-published Christian books, I started writing reviews for every book I read and liked and signed the review with this tagline With love your… Continue Reading
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Western Book Reviews: Gunsmoke and Saddle Leather

It is not necessarily easy to write the history of the West. There is so much a lot of cultural freight behind the genre, so much waiting. Unless you're Bernard de Voto, how do you appeal to the general market without losing the respect of your peers? Unless you're Wallace Stegner, how do you do for the professorship without seeing your does the subject become bland like Ovaltine? Charles G.… Continue Reading