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Lucky’s Lady Book Review: Tami Hoag Mystery Romance

Tami Hoag's book Lucky's Lady is a bit different from her previous novels, but it's definitely interesting and takes the reader into a little-explored world: the Louisiana backcountry or the Cajun Bayous! Here is my review of Lucky's Lady by Tami Hoag. Main characters: Serena Sheridan: A successful Charleston psychiatrist returns home to Louisiana Lucky Doucet: a mysterious and potentially dangerous Cajun who is feared by most Shelby: Serena's sister,… Continue Reading
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Romance Turned Thriller Author Fern Michaels, Author Biographies

Fern was born Mary Ruth Kovak in Hastings, Pennsylvania on April 3, 1933, the daughter of Albert and Lucy Kovak. She says she was an avid reader at a young age. She particularly liked mysteries and adventure stories. Fern Michaels is the pseudonym of Mary Ruth Kuczkir. She says that even though Fern Michaels is not who she is but what she does, she doesn't mind people calling her Fern.… Continue Reading