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Which books sell best at what time of year?

Promoting your book means taking advantage of any relevant opportunity. In general, book sales are very low in winter, following the Christmas rush, but summer and the holidays are good times to sell books. Being aware of events or holidays that will help your book sales can help a publisher and author know when to promote heavily and when promotion can waste time and energy that could be spent working… Continue Reading
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Prepare the perfect appetizers for your guests every time

Not long ago I noticed a new restaurant had opened in the area and it was a pleasant surprise considering the economy and some of the challenges future employers will have with benefits such as health care. Costs have skyrocketed and it is very difficult to run a business, especially a labor-intensive business like a restaurant. Nevertheless, these young entrepreneurs decided to take the plunge. In this new restaurant, there's… Continue Reading
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Now is the time for Generation-Next book reviews

Looking for a good book to go with your Sunday morning coffee? Wondering which book to read? We all have our personal tastes - fiction, non-fiction, literature, biographies, and even the latest favorite, manga, but you can't judge a book by its cover. We seek advice from other readers before starting a new book the same way we seek opinions before buying new gadgets or electronic devices. Book lovers these… Continue Reading