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Technical Writing – How to Write a Section of a Chapter

Each chapter consists of more than one section. Reserve the first section for a "mini preview" of what follows inside the chapter. Here are the structural components of each SECTION (but not all need to be present in each section): 1) Introduction Section overview phrase. 2) Description of a function, component or system. 3) PROCEDURAL TASK(s). A set of NUMBERED STEPS to follow to accomplish a task. 4) TABLE TITLE… Continue Reading
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Jeff Dexter will write his memoirs

There's a book about the 60s that I can't wait to read when it finally comes out. Jeff Dexter is writing his memoir and I predict this will be the defining book on the burgeoning music scene of the 60s and 70s. becoming a well-known DJ, promoter, rock band manager, record producer, club entertainer and event organizer. Jeff Dexter has made almost every step in and around the entertainment industry.… Continue Reading
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How to write a book that kids will love — and kids’ book publishers will love too

I recently opened my email to find this message: "Can I get published as a children's book author if I'm not a good writer?" I was surprised at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the question. The sender knows his limits, but still dreams of being published. She doesn't suffer from the illusion that she's the next Dr. Seuss, and I admire that. She… Continue Reading
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How to write a thoughtful book review

If you see a book with a lot of reviews, does that make you want to buy it? If a "review" just says "it's awesome" or "buy this book", is that enough to make you want to spend the money to read the book? A good book review will give the reader something to think about before deciding if this is for them or not. Reviews are important to authors… Continue Reading
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How to write an autobiography that will sell

I lecture on writing to non-writers - hypnotists, numerologists, psychics, housewives, business men and women and people who often tell me I should write about them because "they have had very interesting lives." I begin my speech with a question. The first question I always ask is, "Who wants to write their autobiography?" About three-quarters of all audiences raise their hands. My next question is, "Can you tell me who… Continue Reading
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Write a woman’s life or biography

Reading about women authors through their biographies or through the commentaries they make is often more revealing than their books. Carolyn Heilbrun in her book Write a woman's life (more like a thesis in its early chapters) states that to really know a female author well enough to write her biography, you must go beyond dissecting her works of fiction and get to know her from her correspondence with friends… Continue Reading
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Why You Should Write Book Reviews for Other Authors

If you write nonfiction books, you should read nonfiction books. For what? You might ask, and you know I'm going to tell you... If you write non-fiction, you'll want to read in the field you're writing, to make sure your content is fresh, different, and valuable. Don't copy their books. This is NEVER a good idea. But use their books for inspiration, for publishing style, concept delivery, and comparison. Other… Continue Reading