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The beauties of organic cooking

Jeff Cox writes From Vines to Wines, an engaging read that helps you create your own wines! You will have tips that will allow you to grow your own grapes and make them thrive from home. Whether you have your own vineyard or just want to learn more about the art, this book gives you practical advice on how to start your own winemaking practices right away. You will be able to learn the whole process from grape to glass as well as benefit from lists and drawings which are really very useful if you plan to make your own wine. For a great wine book that can help you start your own hobbies, this is a must read.

Stephanie Tourles writes Organic Body Care Recipes, a book that provides 175 homemade recipes that can help give you radiant hair and smooth skin, fine hands, smooth feet, and all sorts of other improved parts of you with things you can do all around your own home. The purpose of this book is to achieve natural beauty using natural ingredients so that you can spare your body the harmful effects of chemically enhanced products. You can learn how to make things for your own foot care, nail care, and even shaving cream from things you can buy and make yourself. If you want a book that covers all natural aspects, then this is the one for you.

Gene Logsdon writes Small-Scale Grain Raising, a book that helps you understand everything there is to know about growing your own grains and wheat. Whether you have your own farm or something like that, you can find how to make barley, buckwheat, corn, millet, oats and sorghum, wheat and a variety of other things, so you can do it in a way that is sure to give you the healthiest output of natural elements. This book teaches how to do it in a way that avoids pests and chemicals so you have completely organic, delicious food.

Louisa Shafia writes Lucid Food which gives you many recipes for healthy items that are also very eco-friendly, so when you make these items you know you will be doing it in the best interest of the environment. Written by a foodie and an environmentalist, the author comes from the right point of view to say everything on this subject.

Jeff Crump writes Earth to drop a book on how to take advantage of what’s in season and bring it to the table, starting with chickens, cherries, pies and pastries so you can have a recipe that will take all the fruits from an organic farm and make them wonderfully edible into remarkable dishes. This book is ideal if you have a farm nearby or own one, as it contains a variety of tips and tricks for bringing those things to the table in a delicious way.

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