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The need for fixed-layout ePub conversion

Defining a fixed-layout ePub

An ePub file that has been formatted to have a specific layout for each of the pages like a physical book is called a fixed-layout ePub. Earlier e-books were converted into redistributable content in which the displayed text changed to fit the screen of various e-readers.

Fixed ePub layout is considered an alternative to dynamic ePub for creating an eBook that has a “fixed layout”. By doing this, the page will stay in the same layout regardless of device and screen size, which would be like seeing an exact copy of the printed page. The page will look the same as the printed layout. The user must zoom and pan to see details or to make small text visible. This format has proven to be ideal for highly illustrated children’s novels.

Let’s see the good side of the format:

  • Layouts are kept in special format books – The advantage of these ePub formats is mainly seen with image-rich, strongly designed books like children’s books, textbooks, comics, fashion magazines, travel books, cookbooks, etc. . The layout of these books is the most important thing for communication.
  • Zoom – Another advantage includes the zoom option allowing the readers to zoom in on the images they want to see and check the specific details. Traditional ePub allows users to increase the font size for clear visibility; but they do not allow images to be enlarged for better viewing. The zoom option of these converter services makes it easier for the reader to see detailed images.
  • Better page breaks – These fixed layout ePubs allow for better page breaks as they are not automated but are defined in advance.
  • Smaller files – Files are relatively smaller than all other formats, such as PDF.

Now let’s shed some light on the negatives of this format:

  1. Compatibility – It is only compatible with Apple readers which use Apple iPad, iPhone.
  2. More complexity – These ePub formats are complex compared to traditional ePub formats like PDF. These complex features complicate these fixed layout ePub files.
  3. Smaller text – As we know, fixed layout ePubs need to fit the whole content page on the screen of an eReader. Sometimes the text is very small than the text displayed on the traditional ePub. It even makes it difficult to read. Unlike traditional ePub text, you cannot increase the font size. If you want to read the larger text, you have to zoom in on a particular page. This causes the visual appearance of the page to be lost and causes more ups and downs and side scrolling.

fixed layout ePub Conversion services offer a valuable and powerful tool to make eBooks look professional and perform well. Editors need to redesign the pages so that they can adjust the device well before using it. This may include increasing text size, removing page details, and reducing image size.

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