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Top 5 Types of Activity Books for Young Children

Activity books are a great way to make reading fun. There are many types of activity books suitable for different age groups. We have selected our top 5 here.

1.Texture Books
Textures, also called tactile and tactile books, are very popular with babies and very young children. These are books where part of the picture is made of different fabrics and materials. Babies enjoy the tactile feel of the pages and love to touch the pictures as the story is read to them. This type of book will also help to develop the child’s sensory awareness.

2. Lift flap books
These are storybooks that usually have flaps to lift on each page. It’s a classic book format that kids love. Lifting the flaps adds to the fun of the story and will make story time a more interactive event. These books are generally intended for young children up to around 4 or 5 years of age. When choosing a lift, the flip book looks for books with a solid feel and strong flaps. The flaps will be pulled and pulled and if they aren’t securely fastened or made of thick cardboard, they won’t last long.

3. Talking Books
Talking books are popular with preschoolers. They usually have one or more buttons to press that make noises or sounds appropriate to the story. More elaborate audiobooks will have different sounds that need to be played at the correct part of the story. Like flip books, they add an interactive element to your child’s reading of a story.

4. pop-up books
Pop-up baby books are books that have been designed in which part of the page appears as a 3D image. The surprise of the 3D image will intrigue babies and delight older children. The only downside is that pop-up books tend to be delicate, so you’ll need to be careful as young children love to touch. You can choose fairly simple pop-up books for young children, but there are many more complex and even interactive pop-up books that will suit much older children.

5. Sticker books
Sticker books are available in a variety of formats. Some tell a story that can be decorated or completed with a selection of stickers. Others tell a story with specific locations where each sticker should be placed. Which book your child will like will depend on their personality. some kids will love the challenge of finding the right places to stick the stickers. Other kids will want to be more creative and place stickers where they want. There is no right or wrong and both are good for a child’s development and enjoyment.

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