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Treasure in Tahiti – Children’s Book Review

Travel to the other side of the world? Max and Sam go on an incredible trip to Tahiti. What awaits them there is a fantastic mystery, in Connie Lee Berry’s book, “Treasure in Tahiti.” This action-packed adventure book for young readers promises to turn the pages with excitement!

Their island paradise isn’t exactly what their mother had in mind. The family is left to fend for themselves in a simple hut without electricity or indoor running water. However, the majestic scenery and ocean waves make up for that. When one of the boys finds an old treasure map under a loose floorboard, the adventure really begins. Convincing their father to explore a nearby desert island doesn’t take long and soon the boys venture into the darkness of a cave. Someone else is on the island though; someone else is looking for the century-old treasure. Can the boys follow the clues and beat their opponent for the prize? Is it still there after so long?

Written in a fun and upbeat tone, Connie Lee Berry’s books are perfect for reluctant readers. The plot of the plot makes “Trésor à Tahiti” a page turner. Max and Sam are likeable characters that kids can relate to and go on amazing journeys. Giving a bit of history, geography and even science, this book is a complete package that is full of surprises. The variety of it creates a buffet of island flavors. The Incredible Journey Book series is a fun collection to treasure.

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