African American Herbalism
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African American Herbalism:A Practical Guide to Healing Plants and Folk Traditions with the aid of using Lucretia VanDyke
Empty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarNo Customer Reviews Discover the roots of present day-day natural remedies, plant medicinal drug, holistic rituals, herbal recipes, and extra that had been created with the aid of using African American natural healers in the course of history. This first-of-its-type natural manual takes you via the origins of natural practices rooted in African American tradition--from Ancient Egypt and the African tropics to the Caribbean and the United States. Inside you may locate the tales of natural healers like Emma Dupree and Henrietta Jeffries, who made present day American herbalism what it's far today. After rediscovering the forgotten legacies of those healers, African American Herbalism dives into the vital contributions they made to the sector of herbalism, including:Rituals for sacred bathing and pores and skin care Herbal tinctures, potions, and medicinal drug Recipes for restoration food and soul meals And extra! You'll additionally discover a complete natural manual to the maximum typically used herbs--which includes aloe, lavender, sage, sassafras, and extra--along splendid botanical illustrations. African American Herbalism is the ideal manual for all and sundry looking to discover the medicinal and restoration homes of herbs


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Release Date: 2022
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Format: Paperback
Language: English
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