An Interfaith Holiday Story
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0.1\" x 8.0\" x 10.9\"

In December's Gift, Clara gets to spend time in the warm kitchens of her two grandmothers, Bubbe and Grammy, during the holiday season. As they fry latkes and bake cookies, the two grandmothers share their holiday memories and cooking traditions with Clara. Through these experiences, Clara comes to understand the special gift she is being given and how she will pass on these traditions to her own family in the future. This book offers children the chance to see themselves reflected in Clara's diverse cultural experiences and invites them to join her in the rich and inviting world of Bubbe and Grammy's kitchens.


Sale Price: $ 19
Rent Price: $ 7
Release Date: 2016
Publisher: Stasie Bitton
ISBN13: 9780996478311
Length: 34 pages
Weight: 0.70 lbs
Dimensions: 0.1\" x 8.0\" x 10.9\"

Edition Details

Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 0996478310


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