Into the Wild
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All-American Bestseller - In April 1992, a wealthy young man hitchhiked to Alaska and trekked alone through the wilderness north of Mount McKinley. Four months later, a moose hunter found his decomposing corpse. This is the haunting story of how Christopher Johnson McCandless died. It may be non-fiction, but Into the Wild is a mystery at its finest. --Entertainment Weekly McCandess donated his $25,000 life saving savings to charity, gave up his car and most of his belongings, burned all the money in his wallet, and started a new life. Into the Wild is the fascinating and heartbreaking tale of a mysterious young man who goes missing in the wilderness, and the story has captured the world's attention. Shortly after graduating from college in 1991, McCandless was traveling the West and Southwest on a quest for visions like his Jack London and John Muir heroes. In the Mojave Desert, he ditched his car, took off his license plate and burned all his cash. He changed his name to his Alexander Supertramp and was free to immerse himself in the raw, unfiltered experience of nature, unencumbered by money or possessions. Wanting a blank spot on the card, McCandless simply discarded the card. He disappeared into the wilderness, leaving his parents and his sister in despair. John Krakauer builds a prism of clarity by reconstructing the troubling facts of McCandless's brief life. Admitting a near-obsessive interest, he searches for clues about the urges and desires that drove his McCandless. When McCandless's innocent mistake turns out to be irreparable and fatal, he becomes a tabloid and is fired for his naivety, arrogance and arrogance. He is said to have had a death wish, but wanting to die is very different from being forced to think outside the box. From the shadows, the danger, adversity and abandonment sought by this enigmatic young man are illuminated with a rare understanding--and not the slightest emotion.Into the Wild is a masterpiece. The power and lightness of John Krakauer's storytelling permeates every page.


Sale Price: $ 4
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Release Date: 1997
Publisher: Anchor Books
ISBN13: 240
Length: 240 pages
Weight: 0.71 lbs
Dimensions: 0.6\" x 5.6\" x 8.0\"

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Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 0385486804


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