Our Motivation

“Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking.’ But the most successful people know that listening is the most important part of their job.” ~ Roy Bartel

Many people ask me why I decided to create this website. This is a good question. There were already some similar solution in the web. The problem was that none of these website were made for real entrepreneurs. They were not only not very user friendly but also had little information content. So I looked for a better solution. In fact, it was passion that drove me to create a very informative and general website that allow users to find the perfect vehicle to rent or to buy. That's why I started to develop this idea. I ask each new user for his opinion, suggestions, criticisms, with the aim of a continuous improvement. And we still do. I am proud to say that this blog is the website I was looking for at the time. Well, sometimes there are still small improvements. I am also proud of the great community of private donors we have managed to build over the past few years. P.S. Please know that I am always listening to you, write me at info@fridrikkjartansson.com to let me know what you think.